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Book Review of original edition

Praise for TRAITOR:

There's simply no better first-person book about whistleblowing.  It illustrates dramatically both the risks of conscientious truth-telling--fully experienced by Jesselyn, a horror story greatly to the discredit of the government--and the compelling need for indomitable whistleblowers like her.
Pentagon Papers Whistleblower

This is a riveting -- and chilling -- account of how far the Bush Administration's Justice Department was willing to go to destroy a critic.
Former Columnist, New York Times

This book offers a poignant illustration of the erosion of civil rights and liberties in the "war on terrorism." It brings into sharp focus the critical question of whether we can respond effectively to the new threat of terrorism without jeopardizing the very freedoms and fundamental principles that characterize a democratic society.
Former President, American Civil Liberties Union